Clinical Trial Management

Cimar Clinical Trial Management

Why transfer images on CDs when you can send studies in real-time? Decrease clinical trial delays, cut costs and reach critical go-or-no-go decisions faster by improving delivery speed and reducing human coding errors.

With the power to instantly scale to sending sites while maintaining strong submission integrity, we’re proven to cut months off of clinical trials.


Customise Specific Trials Needs

Unique descriptors and custom fields help track and automatically route data depending on the DICOM tags within the time point.

Cloud Archive

The secure Cimar cloud archives and automatically backs up data, providing immediate access to secondary versions and priors.

cimar-study-specific-auto anonymisation

Study Specific Auto Anonymisation

Automatically remove DICOM tags locally before the time point leaves the sending facility.


Improve Sponsor Communication

Cimar’s instant, cloud based access provides a transparent experience for sponsors through self-service access to all trial data and reports.