Collaborative Radiology Networks

cimar-collaborative radiology networks

Collaboration between Trusts as a means of sharing resources and balancing workloads is becoming increasingly important, in order to cope with the UK’s ever growing imaging demands.

Using Cimar as the interoperative ‘glue’, multi-site PACS and RIS (of any and all vendors) are seamlessly connected, allowing networks to be set-up quickly, easily and relatively inexpensively.

Proven Technology

The platform is currently being used to connect vast networks of healthcare providers in major health centres through the UK - and the world.


Intelligent Routing Rules

Intelligent routing rules can be configured to alternate sending studies to the destinations defined in the rule - speeding up image transfer and balancing workloads.


Federated Query Search

Search multiple PACS locations simultaneously (regardless of supplier) and access images on demand from any of them.