Patient safety, data protection and information governance compliance are Cimar’s number one priority, and our cloud platform has been designed and built around these principles.

Cimar has safeguards baked into all aspects of our technical and organisational operations to ensure we comply with strict UK Department of Health, Governmental and NHS Cyber Security standards.

Cimar’s cloud infrastructure is SOC2 and NHS IGSOC compliant and approved on N3, the secure HTTPS internet, and between the two – the gold standard for technology and cloud providers - ensuring controls and procedures meet industry best practices.

Cimar holds current Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, is ISO9001 accredited, is HIPPA compliant and has been approved for use at multiple NHS and private health organisations all around the UK.

Role based user access and full auditability ensure data controllers can tightly lock down and restrict access based on organisation policies.

Cimar is GDPR compliant