Patient safety, protection of data in our care, and information governance compliance are Cimar’s fundamental principles on which our organisation and Cloud services are built.  Cimar is accredited the highest standards of security and information governance, and our commitment these, and our policies and procedures which underpin them,  apply across the across the whole organisation and the services we provide.

Cimar ensures security and compliance are covered from multiple angles: Our cloud is hosted at alongside many UK Gov digital public services, and is a Crown Campus Data Centre.

ISO9001 ensures our operational procedures and workflows are robust, appropriate and ensure optimal delivery of service to our clients.

We take security and protection of patient data very seriously at Cimar. Our ongoing conformance with ISO27001:2013 provides assurance that our networks, organisation, services and information security systems are safe, monitored and diligently maintained.

ICO Registered
Cimar is registered with the information commissioner’s office and rigorously complies with the exacting laws and standards that we as Data Processors must adhere to and maintain.

As data processors we have considerable responsibilities which we take very seriously. Our compliance with this law goes further than coverage for our organisation. Our Cloud services and systems are designed to assist our clients that their compliance is covered too for data that we process on their behalf.

Cimar’s Cloud-PACS zero-footprint DICOM functionality is FDA approved as a class 1 medical device. FDA approval is regarded as the benchmark for qualifying appropriate diagnostic use of, in Cimar’s case, medical imaging systems and viewers. Information handling, storage and quality assurance also encapsulated in this framework approval.

As an internationally recognised standard for the protection of patient health records, this standard is an important point of compliance. Cimar’s Cloud services are designed and built to comply with all relevant aspects

Cimar is GDPR compliant