Reduce costs and improve patient care

National Health ServicesManaging the flow of medical images and associated patient data across the vast NHS Network remains burdensome, expensive and complex. It drains resources and impacts patient care.

Cimar provides a solution to image management limitations through a secure, scalable, system-agnostic, VNA cloud system. The platform is NHS approved and operates inside and outside the N3 network.

Our interoperable, flexible platform allows Trusts to create bespoke, automated workflows that reduce required resources and increase hospital efficiencies.

Seamlessly transfer studies, eliminate CD burning, securely store your growing image database and have the ability to safely and securely view cases anywhere, anytime.

Your Electronic Health Record

Low Cost VNA & DR

On-site image storage and disaster recovery solutions are capital intensive, require regular maintenance and quickly become obsolete, requiring repurchase. Cimar can help you save up to 70% of your PACS and image management costs - with no on-site storage and easy payment plans.

Banking Level Security

Split Merge Technology

Cimar uses Ambra’s patented split-merge encryption technology to ensure patient data is stored with the maximum security and protection possible. Images and patient information are stored separately with 256 Bit encryption, meaning patient information is impossible to compromise.

Increase Hospital Efficiencies

Powerful Automation

Machine learning coupled with extensive customisation and control allows for automation of all workflows, seriously increasing efficiencies and freeing up staff to focus on better patient care and more strategic initiatives.

Zero Footprint Viewing

Not A Club

Share and receive studies from users and organisations all over the world, regardless of whether or not they are Cimar account holders. Your customers can register for free and benefit from the accessibility and speed of a cloud-based image management solution.

Collaborate In Real Time

SaaS - Software As A Service

Using SaaS, you only pay for the storage you use (down to the GB), drastically reducing costs in comparison to on-site 'tier' storage. Free monthly updates are automatically rolled out via the cloud, so you always have access to the very latest technology and features, without the need for costly upgrade fees.


Federated Query PACS

Acting as the connecting ‘cloud layer’, large health organisations use Cimar to query PACS systems across networks (regardless of vendor) and instantly retrieve the required studies - drastically improving efficiencies and reducing duplicative scans.