Yes – we provide a downloadable DICOM gateway network service component. This is connected by AET to any or all of your DICOM nodes, and is governed by logic rules you can edit in your online admin panel. This is a sophisticated routing technology which also communicated HL7 feeds in both directions.
Yes – our gateway router software is both a broker for DICOM and HL7 exchange. With this technology we are able to implement functions such as Modality Worklist Lookup (MWL), Remote Reporting Workflows (RRW) and direct PACS to PACS Routing (PPR)
Yes – the DICOM Gateway is a local DICOM node destination to which IEP can send images if registered within IEP as the clients receiving node. On receipt, images are automatically ingested into the Cloud as online records
Absolutely. We provide a powerful public RESTFUL API which enables any 3rd party application to directly embed Cimar’s medical image cloud into any other system. If you require our API manual, please ask us.
Yes we can. This is a common requirement and one that we are very experience with. Embedding Cimar into such applications, instantly image-enables patient information portals seamlessly and automatically.
Cimar has a fully documented RESTFUL API. Through this you can completely integrate Cimar’s functionality into your own applications. We also support XDS-I.V and provide a PHR enabled client as a document consumer. In addition, Cimar can be configured as a “Thin cloud” or “Hybrid Cloud”. These are advanced uses of our cloud technology offering sophisticated inter-system image and data synchronisation.
Yes. PingOne Identity is built into the system application layer and using our private API, LDAP authentication permits inter-platform user access. (SSO).