Why Cloud?

  • Cut Costs. Improve Access. Enhance Image Exchange
    Cloud image management is more efficient, dramatically easier to access and fast to integrate. Collaboration reporting models can be deployed across sites within days, and at low cost.
  • Eliminate Costly On-Premise Overhead. Reduce Risk
    We take care of all your storage and system maintenance, with upgrades and updates automatically pushed out remotely on a monthly basis.
  • Instant, Zero Footprint Access to Medical Images, Reports and Worklists
    Access studies remotely via any device connected to the web. Role based security and full auditability ensure data controllers canlock-down access to only those authorised.
  • Improve Interoperability
    Cloud allows for rapid and efficient exchange among care providers, easy integration into portals and immediate access to data by seamlessly embedding within electronic medical record systems and patient portals.
  • Overall Process Improvement
    From reducing the time for staff to burn and mail a CD to eliminating manual data entry, Cimar’s image management platform improves consultant and administrative productivity and patient outcomes.