Borderless Image Sharing

Borderless Image Sharing

Cimar facilitates borderless sharing of studies across organisations, locations, groups and individual users. All of this is achieved without the need for VPNs, CDs or clunky Image Exchange systems.

Share images instantly to anyone, anywhere regardless of whether the recipient is a registered user or not. Read and view studies anywhere on any device using our zero-footprint, web-based diagnostic viewer.


Sharing with Lossless Compression Technology

Lossless Compression Technology

Significantly reduce DICOM file sizes without diagnostic quality loss resulting in sharing of images in minutes rather than hours.

Increase Hospital Image Sharing Efficiencies

Increase Hospital Efficiencies

Build custom workflows to suit your individual requirements and automate processes using powerful routing rules to streamline your image sharing capabilities.

Borderless Gateway Technology

Gateway Technology

Images transfer through our powerful DICOM/HL7 broker technology from Ambra. The broker automatically compresses, encrypts and intelligently routes images according to configured cloud hosted rules.

Banking Level Security when Sharing

Banking Level Security

Cimar uses Ambra's patented Split-Merge Technology, 256-bit encryption, granular role based access and full audit trail to ensure maximum security of patient data through all levels of the platform.