Cloud Storage

True cloud-based storage of medical imaging yields more benefits than you may imagine. Low cost, accessibility, smart syncing, and security are just a few.

CIMAR is hosted inside the UK, on Amazon Web Services (AWS), as is NHS Digital and many other healthcare related Apps and organisations. Uniquely, our cloud can connect to storage nodes anywhere, on any platform. We can also interface with Azure, Google GCP, UK Cloud, IOmart and even your inhouse SAN or other Block or Object storage solutions. This provides unlimited flexibility in determining your future imaging strategy, scalability and replicated data aspirations.

CIMAR’s cloud-based image management platform has built-in adaptive scalability which manages all the key pressure points of a traditional PACS and adapts to usage as required.

Your storage costs are no more than you consume. User and imaging volumes are limitless, including the potential for patient access to data.

What our customers say…

When I look at the enormous volume that we do from an imaging perspective and I look at the amount of storage we need, moving to the cloud has been important, especially from a cost-effective perspective.