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Healthcare Cloud

CIMAR is a leading UK healthcare cloud provider, making rapid access to medical imaging and data seamless and easy for clinicians and patients wherever they are.

In the fields of RadiologyCardiologyOphthalmology and Endoscopic imaging, CIMAR’s cloud platform and services ensure the compliant and secure sharing and routing of images between all systems across any networks. This enables the seamless organisation of workflows that facilitates browser-based viewing of imaging.

CIMAR’s UK connected solution network

Our suite of cloud services enables hospitals, healthcare systems, imaging centres and research facilities to easily manage, access and share their imaging and clinical data between medical systems, clinicians and patients.

CIMAR’s Cloud and services are flexible and customisable to enable a vast array of clinical workflows to run seamlessly across hospital systems, both in the UK and globally.

We provide imaging solutions for NHS and private hospitalsmobile diagnostic services, and clinical trial investigators, to name but a few. CIMAR specialises in vendor neutral smart connectivity essential for integration of disparate systems involved in the management of clinical imaging. Vendor Neutrality being the key that enables CIMAR to intelligently serve medical imaging as a broad spectrum.

CIMAR’s cloud extends legacy system capabilities

In a digitally transforming healthcare system, optimum patient outcomes are achieved when expert collaboration is seamless, easy, and intuitive.

Our cloud platform’s ability to integrate dissimilar information systems, is transforming the speed and efficiency of patient pathways across the clinical spectrum.

We make image sharing simple, fast, smart, and reliable – between any clinical systems and people, across any networks, anywhere.

Using CIMAR’s cloud-based image and data sharing system is a no-brainer. The benefits of digitisation ensure that healthcare information sharing systems are fit for the future.

CIMAR Cloud vs Legacy System

CIMAR CloudLegacy
Eliminates need for significant in-house hardware and IT maintenance
Allows for ultra-scalable growth at cloud-economy cost
Integrates easily and seamlessly with other systems (Vendor Neutral)
Full API to Communicate with all health Apps
Anywhere, zero-footprint diagnostic access to data
Inclusive monthly software updates
Maintenance and Support included
Provides vendor neutral connections to new innovative med-tech services as they go live
Flexibility to build and adapt any imaging workflow
Provides complete reporting and voice recognition services inside Cloud-PACS
CostsPay as you grow (Opex)Annual licence (Capex)
Storage costsLow-cost cloud storage AWS/GCPHigh-cost proprietary storage
Ease of useIntuitive, simple, and flexible for many user typesRigid, inflexible, and generally designed for specialist use

What our customers say…

The CIMAR system allowed us to set up a database for sharing images across the globe. With a single URL we can log on anywhere in the world. This technology is a game changer.