Cloud VNA

Cloud VNA for a trusted, single source of image data with extended capability.

CIMAR Cloud VNA brings together imaging from all sources to create a trusted single source for your medical imaging data, with elastic storage.

CIMAR’s Cloud VNA offers archive and retrieval for all DICOM modalities including MR, CT, PET, CR, US, IVUS and many more.

Where PACS is often restricted to DICOM data only, a VNA is capable of PACS (DICOM) plus other non-DICOM multimedia formats such as JPEG, TIFF, PDF, MP4, AVI, WAV, and PNG.

CIMAR VNA can store all formats alongside DICOM records for a holistic view of related patient imaging all viewed in our diagnostic HTML viewer.

One capable system can store all medical imaging data, enabling inter-system communication at low cost. No more costly on-site storage with limited interoperability capability.

What our customers say…

Cloud VNA has enabled us to image-enable our patient and physician portals, integrate with our RIS, ease access to images, and be collaborative.