Mobile Screening

Link mobile screening vehicles and hospital systems seamlessly via the cloud – automate workflows- reduce keying errors – boost productivity.

Mobile units, integrated care systems (ICS’s), community diagnostic centres (CDC) and National Cancer Screening services are increasingly scanning patients in community and mobile settings. Aimed to improve diagnostic services and reduce hospital visits.

All these services require image sharing links to onsite hospital systems. Cimar’s unique cloud gateway technology, seamlessly and securely link off site and onsite imaging workflows. Proven for reliability this completely negates the need to courier physical dataaccelerates patient pathwaysdecreases costs, increase efficiency, and greatly improves data security.

Cimar connects and seamlessly shares imaging directly back into the hospital PACS system.

Cimar’s platform is revolutionising off site diagnostic services across multiple vendors and a key reason why we are the central platform for the National Lung Health Check screening programme.

Mobile scanning units show immediate improvement in productivity (up to 25% more patients scanned daily), and data accuracy. Cimar’s cloud enables all imaging systems to communicate unhindered by legacy and interoperability obstacles.

What our customers say…

We needed a fast, reliable, and totally secure system for sharing data from offsite mobile breast screening units. Cimar provided a seamless and customised solution which even enabled us to link the x-rays to our work lists. This has made an unimaginable difference to our efficiency.