CIMAR Gateway

A single gateway to our Cloud installed on your network, offers limitless routing, workflow and image sharing solutions and new innovative connectivity opportunities

Our Gateway technology provide one of the most powerful features of the CIMAR cloud. A single gateway installed on a network can connect an organisation to other sites, external technology processesclinical trials, workflows, or hospital PACS and RIS anywhere and of course securely.

All data is shared through the cloud which offers limitless delivery combinationssmart image routing and interoperability solutions. Our gateway losslessly compresses, auto-encrypts and intelligently routes images according to powerful and configurable cloud hosted business rules that you control. A single Gateway can be scaled up to accommodate terabytes of data a day, or intelligently load-balanced to ensure service availability is assured.

CIMAR’s Gateway is installed on a server or virtual machine on a local (e.g., Hospital) network. The Gateway will securely communicate and route DICOM imaging and HL7 messaging bi-directionally between CIMAR’s Cloud and local PACS, modalities, workstations, VNA, RIS, EMR, or other DICOM or HL7-enabled devices anywhere.

CIMAR’s Gateway is powerful, highly scalable, and resilient technology that is well proven and widely deployed globally.

Typical uses of the CIMAR Gateway include the following:

  • Secure, automated upload of imaging from any DICOM device.
  • Secure syncing of imaging between CIMAR’s cloud and any DICOM devices, anywhere.
  • Automatically route imaging (via CIMAR) from any DICOM device to one or more DICOM devices, locally or remotely located.
  • Sending imaging to any network-accessible directory or archive, with smart and automated naming capabilities.
  • Transcode imaging as needed, either before upload or sending to any destination DICOM device.
  • Automated custom anonymisation of DICOM and HL7, pre-flight to the cloud, including automated de-pixelization of imaging (e.g., Ultrasound, ECG etc)
  • Automatically route HL7 messaging (via CIMAR) between any HL7 sending application to any HL7 receiver(s), either locally or remotely located, regardless of system vendor.
  • Automatic Modality Worklist Lookup (MWL) between systems anywhere through CIMAR’s Cloud.
  • Index fetching for CIMAR’s Cloud-based Health Information Exchange (HIE) across PACS systems anywhere, and automated Query for, and Retrieval of imaging from each system on demand.

CIMAR’s Gateway supports all principle DICOM protocols to enable send, store, look-up, retrieve and more. XDS-I compatibility is also enabled, further enabling CIMAR’s cloud to interface with most, if not all imaging systems in use across healthcare.

What our customers say…

We’ve significantly improved our medical image management processes and workflows since working with CIMAR. The cloud-based system provides access from anywhere, on any device, in real time, and seamlessly across any networks.