Cloud Platform

Cimar’s Cloud Platform

Our medical imaging cloud platform is designed to help future-proof your image management strategy.

There has been a massive expansion in the volume, velocity and value of medical imaging data managed by healthcare systems. Cimar’s cloud platform is designed to grow in-line with your medical image management and storage needs, so your capacity can be readily scaled as needed and your response to changing demands for imaging solutions, is agile and innovative.

Our cloud platform is designed to serve as the interoperability backbone of data sharing, by providing seamless system connectivity for healthcare providers everywhere at any time.

Cimar’s cloud provides the complete environment through which imaging and data can be easily sent, and intelligently routed to almost any destination system, user or organisation, or AI utility.

With the increasingly proven ability of AI technology to quickly augment hospital diagnostic services, large volumes of data require around the clock routing precision and reliability. Through Cimar’s cloud we can reshape the efficiency and workflows of healthcare delivery. For the AI technology vendor, Cimar’s cloud provides the perfect platform to connect to imaging across the UK’s healthcare system and far beyond.

Highly secure by design

Patient safety, data protection and compliance with all forms of information security and governance, are the core principles on which Cimar’s cloud services are built.

Cimar’s cloud is compliant, and security cleared with NHS Digital and other healthcare technology supervising bodies. Built into our cloud is Ambra’s Split-Merge technology which ensures all data in transit is split and encrypted, and when at rest is anonymised and secure.

The security of the Cimar cloud platform is intrinsic to its design, which ensures that no user has access to anything by default.  All data is transferred over secure socket layer (SSL) encryption (TLS v2 256-bit), the industry-leading standard for high quality encryption and as used when banking on-line.

System interoperability

Cimar’s cloud platform is built to simplify and enable safe and secure connectivity of image sharing between systems and users. Our Cloud allows for the rapid and efficient exchange of imaging among care providers, easy integration into Apps and portals, and immediate access to data where and when needed, by those that have permission to access it.

Your future imaging strategy can be re-imagined and deployed on our cloud platform, knowing that the systems you need to bring together and streamline, can be coalesced with relative ease through our APIs and cloud integration technology skills. These are core capabilities for Cimar.


  • Considerable savings on storage costs, low-cost disaster recovery, greater resilience and less in-house IT and hardware to buy, maintain and worry about
  • Reduced IT costs and elimination of problematic and costly CDs
  • One virtual platform to consolidate all imaging systems
  • Bring together all types of medical imaging and documents into one versatile and customisable Cloud-VNA
  • Global, borderless data and image sharing
  • Customised portals e.g., consultants, research, patients, education, second opinion
  • On demand Professional Services and technical support


  • Our systems have banking-level security built in as standard.
  • With patented protection for secure, end-to-end medical image exchange, Cimar transfers all data over secure socket layer (SSL) encryption (TLS v2 256-bit), the industry-leading standard for high quality encryption.
  • Role-based access for all users (variable per workflow, per user).
  • 2 Factor Authentication access, optional Single Sign-on (SSO) user access and extensive audit capture of every activity by every user, on every study.

What our customers say…

We’re working with Cimar to develop a cloud-based system to digitise patient records. This will replace the use of discs and couriers to transfer data. Instead, patients and clinicians will be able to access images and records quickly and seamlessly wherever they need. This will help transform the patient journey.