Migration Services

Vendor neutral movement of data between new and legacy systems + the power of smart data curation.

Be it cloud migration or switching between medical imaging systems, Cimar makes this process simple, secure, and fast. A complete disaster recovery (DR) solution is built in as part of the process, ensuring a central, low-cost backup is at hand when needed.

Cimar transforms data on the fly as it moves between systems matching to the expected format and structure required by the new system.

Our migration services for imaging data are tailored to meet the healthcare provider’s specific needs, from scheduling fully encrypted migrations after hours or at the weekend, to separating the migration processes from your daily operational PACS and VNA usage.

What our customers say…

The great thing about this system is that in one afternoon, the Cimar team came in and literally within two hours we were uploading volumes of images to the cloud. The rollout has been seamless and easy.