Remote Reporting

Cloud remote reporting is secure, seamless, and simple with Cimar.

Flexibility for Radiologists to report remotely, especially post-COVID, is now an essential and expected capability. It sounds simple to implement – it’s not. However, Cimar’s connectivity strengths and easy to use interface, lend itself perfectly to an easily integrated solution.

No costly and maintenance-heavy VPN connectionsremote logins, or multiple additional firewall permissions (plus their associated security risks).

Instead, Cimar enables reporting functionality for radiologists to be run securely outside Hospital network boundaries ensuring precise and immediate system connectivity that syncs Radiologists, their worklists, diagnostic viewing tools and reports, regardless of the hospital systems used.

Cimar connects each hospital’s imaging system to the cloud providing radiologists with the ability to report in the cloud safely from anywhere.

Completed reports are automatically sync’d to the correct hospital system, updating patient’s records automatically. No need to replace any existing systems or hardware to utilise Cimar’s remote reporting solution.

What our customers say…

Current pressures mean that many radiologists are working across a number of sites; sometimes needing to compile reports while working away from hospital. Cimar has provided an excellent solution for data sharing, which is helping to improve patient care.