Medical Imaging Reimagined

Medical imaging is arguably the most powerful and widely used diagnostic tool in modern medicine. Easy access to results is still a challenge and critical to improving patient outcomes. This is what we solve.

CIMAR’s cloud-based medical image management suite provides the very best of  “Cloud”. We offer image management expertise and technology support that’s vital to achieving your image management ambitions.

As the NHS, UK and international healthcare systems strive to achieve much needed interoperability, our vendor-neutral imaging cloud seamlessly connects across healthcare in today and tomorrow’s medical care settings.


medical imaging solutionspowered by the cloud

Leaders in healthcare cloud solutions

CIMAR connects organisations, systems, and users everywhere through our medical imaging cloud. We deliver medical image sharingworkflow, automation, and image management solutions tailored to meet your every need.

CIMAR makes medical imaging easily accessible from anywhere and in real time for clinicians and healthcare providers across the UK and globally.

The power of ‘cloud’

CIMAR’s Cloud enables limitless storage, access, reliable backup/DR, seamless integration, and automated image-routing between systems anywhere.

Enterprise scalable and highly interoperable, CIMAR’s imaging cloud platform can be integrated and deployed fast, with flexibility and speed to deliver solutions for true interoperability.

CIMAR Services include:

  • Medical imaging cloud solutions, security and back up
  • Cloud-PACS for Radiology, Cardiology, Ophthalmology and VNA solutions
  • Industry leading cloud expertise for imaging
  • Customisable solutions that scale, fit across disparate imaging workflows
  • Seamless integration with other imaging systems and apps
  • Attentive technical support, training, and Professional Services excellence
  • Cloud economies of scale – ensuring value, speed, and reliability
  • AI Deployment (On Cloud)

Cloud Services

  • Anytime, anywhere access to medical imaging data

  • Harness, simplify, and consolidate your imaging with the capabilities of vendor neutral archive

  • No VPN’s, automated, ‘ditch the disc” with a modern Image Exchange system

  • Fully eliminate CD’s and enable an integrated and personalised web UX/UI for referrers, sub-specialty networks & patients

  • Link any modality, mobile screening vehicles services seamlessly via the cloud – fully automate workflows and boost productivity

  • Simplify access to AI diagnostic technology using our cloud-Gateway. Drop this resilient service on a hospital network to switch on seamless image flow to any or all capable AI diagnostic technologies

  • Simplified and reliable vendor neutral movement of data between old and new systems

Cloud Platform

  • CIMAR’s cloud automatically archives and backs up medical imaging data for a fraction of the cost you expect

  • A single secure Cloud-gateway on your network offers routing, workflow and image sharing solution possibilities

  • The first Medical Imaging cloud platform, designed to easily interface with, and seamlessly “image enable” third party health applications

  • Simplify connectivity to advanced AI diagnostic technologies – one gateway, multiple AI’s enabled

Being able to access and annotate medical images quickly and remotely, has added a whole new layer of efficiency to our workstreams. This is healthcare technology at its best

CIMAR’s cloud-based imaging system is the answer to my PACS department wish-list. We now have speed, security, support and a bespoke solution designed to meet our unique needs.

The CIMAR system allowed us to set up a database for sharing images across the globe, with a single URL we can log on anywhere in the world. This technology is a game changer.