Image Sharing

10 ways to share medical imaging.
Routing rules to automate workflows, easily facilitating data sharing – or ad-hoc share in 3-clicks.

CIMAR enables medical image exchange from multiple sources, borderless sharing of data across organisations, down to individual clinical users. No need for VPNs, CDs, or restrictive Image Exchange systems.

CIMAR gives you the ability to share imaging from any systemscale up when needed and enable instant sharing of data to any organisation, anywhere. Flexible, configurable routing rules can automate workflows and facilitate data sharing intelligently and with ease.

Our protocols, audit capture and role-based controls ensure the highest degree of reliability and security.

For high-volume image exchange, our powerful gateway facilitates point-to-point connections to transfer from DICOM modalities and PACS to anywhere, as well as RIS via HL7.

Medical image sharing technology – it’s what we know and what we do.

CD Elimination.

CD/DVD are prone to failure and loss.  

CIMAR’s cloud is designed to solve this problem, creating a single source of Imaging data. Access of patient imaging data for healthcare professions and patients alike.

What our customers say…

Being able to access and annotate medical images quickly and remotely, has added a whole new layer of efficiency to our workstreams. This is healthcare technology at its best.