Imaging Portals

Imaging portals – Eliminate CD’s and enable a fully integrated and personalised web solution for referrers, sub-specialty networks and even patients.

Cimar’s cloud seamlessly integrates hospital imaging systems and provides a web interface that enables easy access, viewing and where needed, instant imaging and report sharing anywhere. This enables digital image exchange and eliminates the need for, and dependency on CD’s. For example, any outside referrer or patient needing to receive or send their imaging, can do so instantly, securely, and easily through Cimar’s cloud. Better still, this Imaging Portal workflow can be automated from end to end or serves as an instantly available manual sharing solution for organisations of any size.

Our solutions are designed to gather imaging, automatically anonymise, validate, and curate imaging of all types from multiple sources.

Solutions for research based projects.

Cimar also provides research portal solutions for clinical trials, research projects and training where there is a need to access imaging for specific patients from any hospital or medical facility both Nationally and Internationally. Cimar and Ambra Health have provided a cloud-based solution for over 800 clinical trials, CRO’s and Academic Research organisations. Our solutions are designed to gather imaging, automatically anonymise, validate, and curate imaging of all types from multiple sources.

What our customers say…

The Cimar system allowed us to set up a COVID database for sharing images across the globe, with a single URL we can log on anywhere in the world. This technology is a game changer


  • Personalised patient communications
  • Automated patient portals
  • Instant access to medical data and images
  • Medical staff have immediate access to data shared with patients

Referrers and Consultants

  • Immediate access to PACS including indefinite access to past records
  • Access patient data and images from any PC, Mac, or tablet anywhere
  • Automatic notification when records updated
  • Real time image sharing with other experts in seconds
  • Utilise mobile device to share data with patients during consultations


  • Rapidly set up and scale up clinical trials across multiple organisations, groups and locations
  • Set customisable routing rules to automate work flows and facilitate data sharing
  • Auto-anonymisation removes DICOM tags at source, eliminating risk of accidentally leaving patient information tags in place.
  • Utilise cloud connections to transfer data from DICOM modalities and PACS, also RIS via HL7
  • Trial sponsor can access and download data
  • Secure cloud storage provides archiving and backup automatically for data security

Second Opinion Portal

  • Ability to upload imaging and patient data instantly from any location
  • Options to utilise core service or to customise
  • Can create a customised second opinion portal to reflect any website branding
  • Utilise the power of Cimar’s cloud to grow referrals across the globe
  • Simple guides to lead patients through the image upload process, so they can instantly provide data for evaluation

Remote Learning and Training

  • Cloud based single platform technology to enhance and deliver training
  • Cimar’s Cloud enables sharing of anonymised case studies and images to enhance learning
  • Platform can be utilised to set up and share teaching libraries designed to improve learning and performance