API Suite

Web Services API – the first Medical Imaging cloud platform, designed to easily interface with, and image enable third party health application providers.

API (Application Programming Interface) technology is essential for connecting imaging and non-imaging systems such as EMR, HIE and EPR.

Cimar’s API is the first extensive cloud platform for imaging, designed also for third party health application providers. Cimar’s RESTful API can be used for a variety of applications ranging from telemedicine to instant image viewing, and AI. This enables easily configurable inter-system connectivity using advanced and highly flexible web-app connectivity.

Every function available on Cimar’s cloud (and more) is available as an API function for developers to utilise. This means we can provide applications with a complete image viewing solution in which a hyperlink is sent to other web applications, containing a link to our cloud’s viewer, pre-loaded with the correct images, data, and history for individual patients.

Cimar’s cloud system is built using powerful and resilient Ambra technology.

Our APIs employ the latest RESTful standards to seamlessly integrate zero-footprint FDA approved DICOM viewing, HL7 messaging and image collaboration workflows into patient systems, portals, and healthcare applications.

The massive capabilities of Cimar’s cloud API are extensive and unique yet is also a simple method to embed into your system. Therefore, Cimar and Ambra Health are already integrated into many health technology platforms including Epic, Athena Health and Doctorcare Anywhere.

Connecting your applications to the cloud and enabling instant access to medical imaging inside your applications has never been simpler, easier, or more secure.


What our customers say…

With Cimar Cloud I have a secure, seamless, automated data sharing system that is fast and reliable. It also makes my job so much easier.