Cloud PACS

Cloud PACS – enables medical imaging to be accessed securely anytime and anywhere

Cimar’s pure Cloud-PACS consolidates multiple imaging systems with a single flexible, customisable, and low maintenance cloud storage platform. This enables medical imaging to be accessed securely anytime and anywhere.

A cloud PACS shares many similarities with a traditional picture archiving and communication system, but with two key additional benefits. It is quick to deploy, migrate to, and easy to configure. We take care of deployment, support, upgrades, system maintenance and updates, allowing healthcare organisations to focus on the delivery of patient care rather than IT issues.

Secondly, our Cloud PACS is zero-footprint for users. Unlike legacy PACS, there is nothing installed to access and view images, share them, or even report on them. Everything can be done from any common browser or any PC or Mac anywhere.

This architecture dramatically reduces your internal IT costs and practically eliminates the need for local hardware, its maintenance and lifecycle replacement problems.

100% Cloud PACS

Our pure Cloud-PACS is run by Cimar, hosted at AWS, and powered by Ambra Health – a global leader in cloud hosted imaging systems, meaning that we are equipped to provide the next generation of PACS technology in the UK, on an equal footing with the best there is in the US and far beyond.

Organisations no longer need to plan PACS around its limitations – storage, concurrent use costs and speed of response are yesterday’s constraints. In Cimar’s cloud-based image management platform, built-in scalability manages all the key pressure points of a traditional PACS and adapts to usage as required.

What our customers say…

Cloud VNA has enabled us to image-enable our patient and physician portals, integrate with our RIS, ease access to images, and be collaborative.