AI Deployment

Navigating current AI deployment challenges in healthcare, CIMAR provides a secure AI-broker for access to multiple AI diagnostic technologies, eliminating hospital hardware dependency.

Hospital IT systems struggle with new AI technology due to local server and resource demands, firewall security concerns, and remote technology access needs.

Our automated workflows route imaging through multiple connected AI technologies. With a single CIMAR Gateway, images flow effortlessly to virtually hosted AI technologies, requiring only one firewall rule for a secure, auditable cloud connection.

This provides a simplified, vendor-neutral, agile, and secure solution, enabling hospitals to enhance patient care and clinical outcomes with AI technologies.

CIMAR’s Gateway enable AI workflows to run concurrently with other cloud-based sharing pathways.

Our work with NHSE, and Royal Surrey NHS on the AIDP (AI Deployment Platform) Pilot and the learnings from this will guide and help determine policy for safe and secure AI deployment.

As the deployment of imaging AI solutions increases, the importance of independent oversight and workflows to monitor the accuracy and consistency of these technologies becomes paramount. Post-market surveillance is a critical safety measure in AI for healthcare. CIMAR provides solutions for random benchmark testing of AI solutions, ensuring continuous evaluation and reliability of AI performance.

What our customers say…

I have worked with CIMAR for many years and have never encountered a problem or issue for which CIMAR could not find a solution. Their technical support and knowledge of employing cloud-based systems is unsurpassed.