DICOM Web Viewer

Diagnostic Imaging Web Viewer – nothing to install yet the diagnostic tools medical professionals expect. All you need is a browser to access diagnostic images from anywhere.

CIMAR’s cloud-based diagnostic DICOM viewer can be used through any common web browser on any PC, workstation, or Mac. Users have access to this viewer to enable anytime, anywhere viewing of medical imaging.

With one-click access, Web Viewer is equipped with a suite of professional diagnostic tools, From viewing and annotating tools to hanging protocols, MPR, MIP and viewer customisation that enable the viewing experience to be personalised at user level.

Web Viewer is equipped with advanced visualization & analysis tools, including:

  • Multi-Planar Reconstruction
  • Surface Rendering
  • Volume Rendering
  • PET/CT Fusion
  • Anatomical Reordering
  • Pixel Anonymization and more

Our cloud based medical imaging viewer supports all DICOM imaging in multiple formats and performs as a VNA viewer able to render BMP, JPEG, PDF, TIFF, AVI, MPEG, and other formats. Our viewer offers, the choice as to how, when and where you want to view imaging.

What our customers say…

Using CIMAR’s cloud-based image and data sharing system is a no-brainer. The benefits of digitisation ensure that healthcare information sharing systems are fit for the future.