About Cimar

Cimar is the UK's premier cloud-based medical image management company, and is the exclusive UK provider of Ambra Health’s award winning software-as-a-service (SaaS) and imaging cloud technology. With a paramount focus on customer service and satisfaction, we are driven to provide the innovative, cost-efficient solutions to imaging workflow requirements. Cimar lead the next generation of evolved imaging automation, seamless collaboration and Vendor Neutral secure storage across the country. 

Our mission is to deliver the most powerful next-generation imaging technology, supported with exceptional and attentive customer care. These attributes set us apart from the rest - It’s why recommendation by our clients is how we build most new business and service relationships.

Everyday, NHS and private hospital systems, medical groups, imaging centres, clinical research organisations, and electronic patient information systems wrestle to provide timely and reliable access to imaging across the healthcare landscape.

Those that use our service, significantly improve their medical image management processes and workflows in the circle of care. Our services’ ability liberates access to medical images and data. Simplicity of use is how users discuss of our solutions -  Simple yet secure access for medics and patients alike, from anywhere, on any device, in real time, and seamlessly across any networks.

Flexible, scalable and highly interoperable, the Ambra cloud-based platform can be integrated and deployed with uncommon agility and speed to deliver intuitive frictionless solutions that facilitate adoption, strengthen collaboration, and significantly improve business and health outcomes.

Being a cloud service provider, we have developed an eco-system of complementary ‘plug-in’ cloud technologies that enable our clients to ‘pick and connect’ other cloud solutions ranging from RIS in the Cloud, to a range of Artificial Intelligence Diagnostic SaaS services.

We serve as the backbone of innovation and progress for our customers’ care networks, advising and enabling our clients to develop new patient services, collaborative networks, new revenue streams, and eliminating costly technical barriers that are the mainstay of traditional proprietary thinking and legacy systems.

Vendor Neutrality and Open Standards are central to our thinking and services – whatever imaging systems you use, we can not only connect to them from the cloud, but radically improve on them too.

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