Government Invests £21m In AI Diagnostic Healthcare Rollout

A doctor wears a VR headset and records the patient's holographic diagnostic data on the virtual interface, innovation, science and technology.

The government has announced it will invest £21 million in rolling out artificial intelligence (AI) tools across the NHS.

It hopes the technology will help diagnose and treat patients more quickly, helping to improve healthcare across the country. 

Health and social care secretary Steve Barclay stated: “AI tools are already making a significant impact across the NHS in diagnosing conditions earlier, meaning people can be treated more quickly.”

NHS Trusts can apply to the AI Diagnostic Fund for AI imaging and decision support tools for patients suffering from cancers, heart conditions and strokes. 

The technology will be able to analyse chest X-rays, of which more than 600,000 are performed every month in England alone. 

Being able to assess the tests quickly could help lung cancer patients get the diagnosis and help they need faster.

Mr Barclay also committed to providing AI stroke-diagnosis technology to all stroke networks by the end of the year. 

Currently, 86 per cent of centres have this technology, which is thought to halve the time for stroke patients to get treatment. This can triple the chance of stroke sufferers being able to live independently. 

The NHS is also piloting AI software to reduce the number of missed hospital appointments. 

By analysing data and external insights like traffic and weather conditions, it can provide patients with more convenient times for their appointments, so they are less likely to miss it. 

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