Is AI Better At Diagnosing Heart Attacks Than Physicians?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in more and more industries these days, including the medical sector, as it can boost efficiency and speed at a time when healthcare professionals are overstretched. 

One way AI has been able to support the industry is through diagnostic tools, scanning images against data it has been programmed with to be able to predict certain health outcomes in patients. 

Although many are sceptical of relying on machinery for diagnoses, the technology has become so intelligent lately that AI could even be better at diagnosing conditions than doctors. 

This has been shown recently with the Queen of Hearts AI model, which has outperformed doctors at diagnosing heart attacks, being able to do so three hours before physicians. 

Martin Herman, chief executive officer of Powerful Medical cardio (PMcardio), which has created the Queen of Hearts AI model, noted that the economic cost of heart attacks in the US is $150 billion (£119.63 billion) a year. 

He stated: “Through our clinical trials, we have demonstrated that the Queen of Hearts can significantly reduce these costs by enabling accurate diagnosis and prioritisation of patients.”

PMcardio’s machinery has been programmed with intelligent algorithms, based on data from more than 500,000 patients. 

It was then successfully used in clinical trials of over 20,000 patients, demonstrating its ability to diagnose heart attacks before they occur. 

With 460 people dying from a circulatory disease every day in the UK, and 260 hospital admissions being due to a heart attack, the PMcardio AI technology could become a very useful tool to reduce these numbers and help more patients before they need emergency care.

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