API’s for Seamless Web Integration

Patient Portals & APIs

Connecting your applications to the cloud and enabling instant access to medical imaging inside your applications is easy, thanks to Ambra’s open standards API suite.

Because Cimar is built in the cloud on Ambra technology, our APIs use the latest RESTful standards to seamlessly integrate zero-footprint FDA approved DICOM viewing, HL7 messaging and image collaboration workflows into your patient systems, portals, and healthcare applications.

Popularised by industry leaders such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, REST is the “dial tone” for systems integration. Our RESTful web services are built for integrating rich image management functionality with your in-house apps, patient portals, EHR systems, and much more. And better yet, because they’re cloud delivered, they’re always secure, improving, and easy to connect with
on-premise systems or other cloud services.

Cimar can empower you with true, end to end health system interoperability.



The best of Open Standards - enabling web services interoperability to power your applications, embed easy image viewing and a host of rich DICOM and VNA functionality.

Single-Sign-On And Seamless

We enable multiple user validation methods for Developers to seamlessly plug-in zero-footprint DICOM functionality – all accessible across PC, MAC, all common browsers and for mobile users anywhere. 

End-to-End Customisation

Connect Cimar’s imaging cloud with your healthcare systems, build custom integrations or easily develop in-house applications to suit your specific workflow needs.