Investment In NHS Cloud Computing To Improve Patient Care

The NHS is focusing on boosting its cloud computing software, as well as other wireless solutions, in order to improve patient care across the country. 

NHS England has announced it will invest £1 million to seven trusts, which will boost connectivity and enable different departments to access patient information more easily. 

It comes as part of the Wireless Trials programme, which also aims to relieve medical staff of administrative jobs so they can spend more time with their patients.

Dan Prescott, group chief information officer at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, which is one of the trusts being awarded funding, spoke highly of the investment. 

He said: “With the Wireless Trial, we’re aiming to create a reliable, fast and secure network access solution to address unexpected connectivity issues, even in areas of poor connectivity.”

“This is vital in supporting key initiatives for our staff and giving our patients the best possible care,” Mr Prescott added. 

Manchester University NHS foundation Trust plans to use the money to improve connectivity across ten hospital sites, as well as its other community facilities. It will do this by combining satellite and medical cloud storage solutions. 

The North West and East of England ambulance service trusts intend to improve connections in both A&E and ambulance areas. They want to make the transfer of patient data much faster, so the information can go from paramedics to hospital staff as quickly as possible through the cloud connections. 

Wireless Trials have been taking place since 2021, with the NHS using these opportunities to improve new technological solutions for hospital trusts so they can boost connectivity between their sites.