AI Robots Created To Remove Kidney Stones

Scientists have created artificial intelligence (AI) that can remove large kidney stones.

Researchers at Nagoya City University developed a robot that can perform percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL), a very difficult surgical treatment to remove large kidney stones that takes surgeons years of training to be able to do.

It works by creating access from the skin on back of the kidney, which can be very problematic if done incorrectly, leaving the patient with bleeding, thoracis and bowel injuries, sepsis, or renal pelvis perforation.

Consequently, it takes years for surgeons to receive the adequate training to perform this surgery, resulting in a shortage of qualified clinicians and long waiting lists, reported Science Daily.

This is why the development of the Automated Needle Targeting with X-ray by medical start-up NDR Medical Technology is such a breakthrough.

Assistant professors Kazumi Taguchi and Shuzo Hamamoto led the research on whether the AI device could provide adequate precision for the operation.

Dr Taguchi said: “The ANT-X simplifies a complex procedure, like PCNL, making it easier for more doctors to perform it and help more number of patients in the process.”

He said it would “shorten the procedure time, relieve the burden off of senior doctors, and perhaps reduce the occurrence of complications”.

Kidney stones, which typically affect those aged between 30 and 60, can be extremely uncomfortable, causing severe pain in the side of the abdomen, nausea and vomiting. Therefore, having a variety of surgical options would help a greater number of sufferers.


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